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Q.  How can I vote for the Bay of Fundy?
A.  You can vote for the Bay of Fundy online or by text.

Q. How do I vote online?
A.  Vote once per email address by visiting the 7 Wonders vote page.  Online you will be required to choose your favourite seven sites from the list of 28 finalists.

Q.  How do I vote by texting?
A.  On your smart phone text the word FUNDY to 77077 ($0.25 will be charged to your phone bill). Each text vote counts as one vote for the Bay of Fundy and you can text votes as often as you wish at a cost of $0.25 per text vote (in French text the word BAIE to 77077).  Please ensure you have the bill payer’s consent to text in your vote. (If you are a minor, you must have a parent’s consent).

Q.  How do I know if my mobile network supports text voting for Bay of Fundy?
A.  Voting is available on all Canadian mobile networks. (Sorry, this service is not available on phones based outside Canada).

Q.  What if I misspell FUNDY or BAIE when I text to 77077?
A.  If you misspell FUNDY or BAIE, you will receive an auto-response giving you the suggested correct word to text. You will not be charged $0.25 per text for texting incorrect words

Q. I have another question about text voting, how can I get help?
A.  Email your inquiry about text voting to .  Please make sure you quote the Bay of Fundy’s short code 77077.

Q.  What else can I do to support the campaign?
A.  Visit the Promote the Vote page of this website for suggested ways to promote the vote.

Q.  Is there a logo the public or businesses can use to help promote the Bay of Fundy?
A.  Sorry, no company or organization is permitted to use the Vote My Fundy logo or New7Wonders official finalist logo without first being approved as an official sponsor of the campaign by the New7Wonders Foundation.

Q.  If I have a general question about the Bay of Fundy’s campaign, who can I contact?
A.  Please contact Terri McCulloch, , Executive Director of Bay of Fundy Tourism, the Bay’s Official Sponsoring Committee.

Q. When did the New7Wonders of Nature campaign start? When does it end?
A.  It started in 2007; it concludes on 11.11.11.

Q.  How did the Bay of Fundy become a nominee in the N7W Campaign?
A.  Bay of Fundy Tourism, a non-profit organization, championed the Bay of Fundy’s participation in the campaign and successfully nominated the Bay of Fundy region of New Brunwick and Nova Scotia for candidacy in the campaign. The Bay of Fundy’s Official Supporting Committee (OSC) was set up per New7Wonder Foundation requirements and the Bay of Fundy’s campaign was launched in early 2008.

Q.  Why does a nominee need an Official Supporting Committee (OSC)?
A.  An official nominating committee, endorsed by appropriate government agencies in each location, must support each nominee.  Government may support the OSC but candidates may not be nominated to the campaign by government departments. Bay of Fundy Tourism is the Official Supporting Committee for Bay of Fundy.

Q.  What were the criteria to be able to nominate the Bay of Fundy?
A.  Nominations for the New7Wonders of Nature must be for a clearly defined natural site or natural monument that was not created or significantly altered by humans for aesthetic reasons.  Physical or natural phenomena like the Northern Lights, the Gulf Stream or shooting stars were not eligible.

Q.  How many sites in Canada were nominated?
A.  Originally there were five sites competing for Canada and one Canadian site in the international category.  In addition to the Bay of Fundy, those early nominees included:  Long Point Sand Spit (Ontario), Gros Morne National Park (Newfoundland), Dinosaur Provincial Park (Alberta), Perce Rock (Quebec) with Niagara Falls as one of the international sites. There were no other Canadian nature sites nominated in the campaign. Bay of Fundy is Canada’s only  candidate in this last phase of the campaign.

Q.  Who are the partners involved in supporting Bay of Fundy’s candidacy from now until the conclusion of the campaign on November 11, 2011?
A.   Bay of Fundy Tourism, a non-profit association working in the Fundy regions of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, is the campaign’s Official Sponsoring Committee. The campaign receives funding support from New Brunswick Tourism & Parks, Nova Scotia Economic and Rural Development and Tourism, the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency and the Canadian Tourism Commission. The Bay of Fundy’s campaign is monitored and directed by an Executive Committee comprised of representatives of these organizations.

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